By G.K.

On a rainy cold night, I like to have a relaxing moment, with a tv show, cup of tea and my nail polish basket. I don’t get my nails done, just because I love doing it myself, which lends me to have as many nail polishes as a salon in my house. I have tried almost all the nail polish brands ever made, I have a few favorites but today I am talking about Essence.

I got familiar with the brand when I lived in Berlin, Germany a while back. The brand got released in Germany in 2002. They do not test on animals and make their products REALLY affordable. Everyone loves a bargain (right?) especially if the product is good.
I tend to like more nail polish from cheaper brands, most of the time they have a good formula, better brushes and last longer.

I chose the nail polish Essence “Colour & Go 113 Do You Speak Love?” The brush is amazing. Everyone has their own preferences. I like a flat wide brush, Sally Hansen and Bourjois have similar ones.

You only need two coats for it to look good. The major problem I have (and that you probably have as well) is that even if I have so much time while watching my tv show and drinking tea, for some reason, I HATE waiting between applying coats. I try to get better at it but it’s never happening. I’m so impatient, I ruin my nail polish pretty quickly.
Essence nail polishes stay on very well and for the price you can’t go wrong.

I used the White Tip Painter pen to do dots on my nails. I used it when I first bought it to do my nail tips (without top coat) and it lasted only a couple of hours. But with a top coat that’s a very different story. I’m usually not a fan of these pens but I’m loving this one.
The left hand was an easy job until I needed to do the right one (I’m right handed). It was impossible to do any dots so I had to convince my boyfriend for half an hour when he finally gave up and helped me. It’s easy and quick.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about it !

Essence Nail Polish Colour & Go
White Tip Painter pen
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